Dardistown Castle

The Apartment


The top two floors of the tower castle are available for short term lettings. To enter the apartment you first travel through the barrel-vaulted basement games room and up the original spiraling stone staircase. On entering the apartment, one can see the beautiful stone fireplace, and exquisite round table over which hangs a rich dark chandelier. This main room still exposes the original stone work which has been repointed and perfectly defined.

Off this warm sitting/dining area in one turret sits the kitchen fully outfitted for all your needs. The cupboards, a lavish red, are complimented by the stainless steel fridge and cooker.

In another turret sits the first bathroom tastefully decorated and hosting a large bath.

As you head for the third of the four turrets we find naturally finished wooden stairs up-lit for a cozy feel again exposing the defined stone work. If you look up you can see the top of the turret as the flag stone spiral into one point, identical to that which can be seen at local tourist attraction Newgrange. At the top of the staircase appears the corridor off which can be found the second bathroom with a roll top bath and the two bedrooms.

The first bedroom plays host to a beautiful hand-painted double french bed, above which a floral chandelier sits. The bedroom also contains a french dressing-table and cabinet. The walls are finished in an elegant twall wallpaper. The second bedroom is equally as charming, containing a six-foot bed, floral drapes and finished with hand-paint furniture.

The second bathroom sits at the end of the corridor and is easily the focal point of the apartment. Magnificently uplit to once again expose the strong stone work. The roll-top bath sits in the center of the room, along with a tall long radiator. A relaxing bubble bath can be taken with engaging views of the countryside from the top floor of the towering castle.

The whole apartment is kept cozy and warm with a state of the art heating system. Wi-fi internet access throughout and surround sound in the living room add even more to the relaxation that can be found here. If you are interested in placing a reservation or merely to find out more information please don’t hesitate to contact us.